Its a rainy day


Do you remember before the rain came down
You were so full of life, so bring that right back round
It's a rainy day... It's a rainy day... It's a rainy day... It's a rainy day

Hey, hey

Billy was a youth on the way to school, him and him bredrin hey, hey
They ina everything together gyal dem catchin'
Go ina the club a night time bubblin' on the rythm hey, hey
After the school year done, Billy did lose sight of him

Many many time passed by and he hear his friend hustlin' hey, hey
Drop ina the trap fi di one dem who could find job
Trouble it come pan di trouble and he recieved a bullit hey, hey
Billy felt bad bredrin dead an' bury

It's a rainy day
Yeah the sun will shine
It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day.
It's a rainy day
It will turn all right
It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day, yeah

What a very terrible thing when the family them strugglin' hey, hey
Billy is another example of what rainy days bring
Better and cool and calm get over the sufferin' hey, hey
Live up the life cause life is worth livin'

Yes, the bad times in life are like a telephone
You never know when it's about ring'
But when it ring, just pick it up and receive
When you've finished, put down the receiver, and carry on
Cause the sun will always shine

It's a rainy day
It's a rainy day, oh it's a rainy day
It's a rainy day