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Culture Beat - Got to get



Got to get, got to get it out of my head

I think I expected too much of it

Got to get, got to get it out of my head

I know I wanted too much from it

Got to get, got to get it,

Who needs to feel like that...

Can't get you out of my head, I try

Thoughts of you I just cannot defy

We must have had something real strong

I'm tossing, turning all night long

Can't even enjoy a fantasy

Without your face jumping in a scene

Can't escape your grip cause you clutch my mind

Wanna dream of other girls but you I find

Thought getting you out of my heart was hard

But now I see that was just the start

Your legacy is trying to drive me mad

To forget I concentrate on all the bad

Can't shake this monkey off my back

Tried drinking everything, from beer to jack

No answers in all the books I've read

All I know is I've got to get you out of my head

Outta my thoughts let go my mind