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Masterboy - I got to give it up


I got to give it up (x 3)
I got to get away
I got to give it up (x 3)
I got to get away
Gimme what you want
Gimme what I need
Gimme me what you want
But I got to get away

Our love is out of sight
No matter if it's wrong or if it's right
There ain't no matter for frightening people
Get this in your head tonight
I loved you once a long time ago
But times are changin' fast
You asked me once, you asked me twice,
But still I will say no
Stop - I gotta get away
No more words for me to say
My love for you is dead and gone
You'll leave this place all alone
Your body and your fingers touched me
They drove me once insane
But now I tell you, that's the fact, I gotta get away

Sorry for this hurting statement
I feel burn out to the ground
No more compromise at all
Can bring me back around
Hearts are burning everywhere
But now you've killed the flame in mine
The lightning in my feel is off
Can't have more of my time
Dreams of lifetime love
Seem good to you but not to me
You say you'll love me all your life
This can't be - can't you see
Stay till the break of dawn
Kiss me, hug me on and on
You will see next day
I gotta get away