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This, this is the way,
This is the way I wanna live
I'm going through changes
This is the way I wanna live

From this day on, no-one is going to tell me
What I should do or what I should not
That ain't the way, the way that it shall be
Fight it all the way
So let them vultures prey on each other
Don't let them spoil it you've come this far
Coming out like a force of nature
This is the shape of things to come

So if you're feeling some sort of down and out
Don't lose your faith, wipe away the doubt
You must take a stand, that's what it is about
If nothing else works just SHOUT !
You're no Baloney Homo Sapiens
You're the original king of the hill again
Coming out like a force of nature
This is the shape of things to come