2 Unlimited - No Limit


Let me hear you say yeah !

No no, no no no, no no no

No no, there's no limit

No, no limit we'll reach for the sky

No valley too deep, no mountain too high
No, no limit, won't give up the fight
We'll do what we want, and we do it with pride

Hard to the core
I feel the floor
When I'm on the stage, yo, you'll ask for more
I'm on the ass, I know the last
I work real hard, do you like my cash
Tick tick ticka tick take your time
Where I am going, I'm going for mine
Open your ears and you will hear it
I tell you this cause there's no limit

No limits allowed, cause there's much crowd
Microphone check as I choose my rhyme
I'm playing on the road, I've got no fear
The sound from my mouth is the rap you hear
No valley too deep, no mountain too high
Reach the top, touch the sky !
They try to diss me, cause I sell out
I'm making techno when I am proud !